Spice Xing in Town Center: Love those Mussels!

By Calandria Somuah

Spice Xing (Crossing), the newest addition to the Town Center, brings the taste and culture of India to Rockville with fantastic results.

I made two trips earlier to the restaurant to sample their selection of appetizers. I highly recommend the uttapam and the lasooni mussels. Not only do you get a serving of vegetables in uttapam, but you also get great taste.

Uttapam is an Indian delicacy that looks like a crepe. But instead of filling the cooked mix with ingredients later, the vegetables and other elements of the dish are cooked right into the batter, making it a flavorful pancake. The spicy tomato chutney and the sambar, a vegetable stew with lentils, coriander seeds and spices, compliment the appetizer.

And I just love those mussels! The lasooni mussels are steamed in garlic and curry bouillon making it palatable.

On Thursday afternoon, April 9, there were a good number of patrons savoring the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, which gives them a better variety to sample Indian cuisine for a low cost of $7.95. I made my buffet meal a vegetarian delight, with two servings of vegetable podiyal. The dish makes cabbage worth eating. This dish, by the way, is hot. You don’t know what you are eating until you start to feel the heat in your mouth. Not one to eat salad in a restaurant, I had a serving of fresh salad and topped it with the spicy tomato chutney and it was great!

Owners Sudhir Seth and Harvinder “Harry” Sanotra outdid themselves with not only great cuisine, but also a pleasant dining atmosphere. The restaurant is warm and inviting with Asian-infused lounge music and colorful displays of art and photography. The dark, wooden furniture and gold votive candles on the tables add a mystic and exotic touch.